3 good reasons to choose detox treatment:

Many addicted people think they will be able to detox from drugs or alcohol on their own at home – they just need to “finally” commit to it. The truth is that going “cold turkey” is not safe and can even cause death in some cases, e.g., during withdrawal from alcohol or opioids. If you would like more information about why it is not safe to detox at home, visit our detox Spring Hill website. We are here to help you break your addiction and begin living a sober life! Our specialists ensure you receive the support and therapy you need to fully benefit from sobriety and recovery. Here are 3 good reasons for choosing professional detox treatment.

  1. Help with dangerous withdrawal symptoms

Withdrawal symptoms differ based on the type of addictive substance, frequency and length of use of the substance. Keep in mind that withdrawal can be extremely dangerous and even life-threatening, whether it is from your body going into shock without the drug or from peripheral effects like vomiting in your sleep. That is the main reason you should be under medical supervision when you decide to begin the recovery process. Medical assistance can essentially eliminate any risks as well as help to relieve withdrawal symptoms by prescribing suitable medications.


  1. Reduce the risk of relapse

The fact is that even a determined addict who stopped using drugs or alcohol on their own without a treatment program runs a very high risk of returning to their addiction. Most relapses happen within a short time of getting sober. In a formal detox program, patients are provided with the information, medical care, therapy and coping skills that are needed to deal with life without the use of alcohol or drugs. Detox therapy will reduce the chances of lapsing back into addiction during this critical period, as patients will be surrounded by medical support.


  1. A personalized approach by Detox Clinic in Spring Hill


Our specialists in addictions and detox in Spring Hill and Brooksville not only diagnose your problem properly, but get to the root cause, explore your medical history, and select the best methods to help you. Our goal is to meet the needs of each individual, as we know every patient brings his or her unique issues into treatment. We believe that treatment has to be adjusted to your particular situation. We offer multiple care and assistance options to help patients to succeed at every stage of the recovery process. With help from our doctor, you will get back on your feet in no time.

More about our detox clinic in Spring Hill

In our clinic, you will find the best medical specialists in the area of addiction. Dr. Eyad Alsabbagh, an Interventional Pain Management Physician, is experienced in the field of pain management and addiction, so he knows exactly what patients’ needs and expectations are. To get the best possible care you can find, we encourage you to make the right decision and admit yourself to our detox clinic in Spring Hill and Brooksville. If you have any questions or would like to find out more about our clinic, don’t hesitate to contact us.