Nerve block is also known as neutral blockades, it is a procedure that help manage, or preventing different types of pain. It is an injectable solution that blocks pain signals by interrupting how pain is sent to the brain, the solution is injected into a nerve, or the spine.

One of the most common types of a nerve block is epidural. This is often used by pregnant women during childbirth to help them ease labor and delivery pain. The anesthetic drug is injected into the space outside the spinal column.

A nerve block is used for several purposes, including:

  • Detection of the source of pain
  • Treatment for painful conditions, such as arthritic pain, lower back pain, or cancer-related pain
  • Short term pain relief for procedures, or surgeries
  • Anesthetic purposes for minor surgeries and procedures
  • Long-term pain treatment
  • Treat complex regional pain syndrome (CRPS)

The pain clinic in Spring hill offers nerve block as a treatment that supports pain management. However, before this type of treatment is offered you have to undergo proper diagnosis to determine if this treatment is right for you.

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How is nerve block performed?

Nerve blocks require the use of needles and with the help of an imaging device, such as ultrasound, CT scan or fluoroscope, the needle is properly inserted into the target area. Electrical stimulation may also be used to help locate the exact location of the nerve that is causing pain.

For people with chronic pain nerve block treatment may help relieve pain for about 6 to 12 months and the procedure may be repeated depending on what your doctor recommends.

What are the benefits of nerve block treatment?

Nerve block is an effective treatment for long-term pain, post-surgery pain, and acute, or severe pain conditions. It offers immediate and long-term pain relief. The injectable solution helps reduce irritation to the affected nerves while promoting healing.

This type of treatment can help people who are experiencing chronic pain and are seeking a solution that will help them regain their normal function. With nerve block they can return to their daily activities.

What should I expect after the treatment?

After the nerve block treatment, the area would be temporarily numb. You may also notice some irritation and redness on the injection area – this would usually fade with time. Your doctor might recommend for you to take a few days off to rest after the procedure to ensure a faster recovery.

Further information about Pain Clinic in Spring Hill

Pain Management & Spine Care’s Medical Director, Dr. Eyad Alsabbagh, is a fellowship-trained Interventional Pain Medicine pain doctor in Hernando County. He is trained and educated to provide the highest quality of service to patients suffering from multiple conditions, varying from narcotics addiction to back pain. He utilizes state-of-the-art technology at his pain management clinic in Brooksville. The doctor understands that pain is a very personal experience, which is why he evaluates each patient’s individual needs and determines what sort of treatment will be most beneficial for that particular person. Our goal is to help you ensure a fuller, pain-free life.

If you have further questions about nerve block, or anything that is related to pain management, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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