PRP for Knee Sprain

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A knee sprain is a musculoskeletal injury where the ligaments that connect the bones in the knees are torn or stretched. This painful condition can also lead to swelling and stiffness of the affected knee. Muscle weakness or spasms may also be present. According to experts in pain management, Spring Hill, although the knee sprain…

5 Essential Advantages of PRP Treatments

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PRP Spring Hill

Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) treatment is a minimally invasive procedure for treating various conditions. It is most beneficial to patients looking for an effective pain management solution or to recover from an injury. Studies show that PRP may bring significant relief to patients who suffer from knee osteoarthritis and lateral epicondylitis. PRP is also regarded as…

Common Causes of Knee Pain in Older Adults

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Hearing older adults complain about knee pain is nothing new. In fact, people nowadays seem to expect knee problems to develop as they age. However, our experts in pain management in Spring Hill remind patients that suffering from knee pain is detrimental to the overall well-being of a person. After all, the knees are crucial…

Science-Backed Home Remedies to Relieve Osteoarthritis Pain

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Do you suffer from osteoarthritis pain? The discomfort and inconveniences of this disease are no laughing matter and while you might already have a treatment plan in place with your doctor’s recommendations, doing home remedies can help you manage the pain better. Our pain doctor in Spring Hill recommends the following science-backed home remedies that…

Happy Thanksgiving!

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November is the time to be thankful, a time to remember and to embrace those who enrich our lives. Wish you a very happy Thanksgiving!

Common Withdrawal Symptoms During Drug Detoxification

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Experiencing withdrawal symptoms during a drug detoxification process is common and it happens when a patient is trying to cut back on their substance dependency. The symptoms might be mild or severe depending on many factors, including the person’s physical and psychological health, the type of drugs they were addicted to, and how long they…

Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy: Everything You Need to Know

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Reflex sympathetic dystrophy (RSD) is also known as one type of complex regional pain syndrome (CRPS). This condition happens when a patient experiences lasting and recurring pain in the limbs following a medical condition, like a stroke or a heart attack, or after an injury.  In most cases, RSD is considered a Type 1 CRSP….