A caudal epidural is a type of injection containing hydrocortisone (steroid) and local anesthetic, which is used to relieve a painful area in the spinal canal due to a herniated disc. Doctors at Spring Hill pain management have dealt with these cases many times. This injection provides immense relief to long-suffering patients.

According to the National Center for Biotechnology Information, 5 to 20 cases of herniated disk occur in every 1000 adults. It’s most common among people above 50 years old and it’s more prevalent in men than women. 

What happens during a caudal epidural?

Your pain management doctor in Spring Hill will explain the procedure before you proceed with treatment. This injection is considered as an outpatient procedure, hence the patient can go home after the treatment. It takes about 20 minutes to complete the procedure, including the preparations. However, the patient is atrongly advised to bring a companion as the doctor will most likely not allow the patient to drive himself home.

The patient will be asked to lie flat on his stomach on the x-ray table with the lower back and part of his buttocks exposed. The doctor will then clean the area and apply a numbing medication, such as topical anesthetics, to help the patient relax.

Next, with the x-ray as a guide, the doctor will carefully insert a thin needle into the caudal (lower back) area. The doctor will inject a dye so allowing the target area to be clearly seen in the x-ray images. Then, following the dye’s path, the doctor will then inject the medication. 

A dressing will be placed on the injection site, which may be removed and cleaned after 12 hours. 

How long before the caudal epidural takes effect? 

There are patients who find relief 30 minutes after the caudal epidural is administered. The result of the treatment varies with each patient, however, it still may be sustained for several months until the next treatment.

It’s possible for a person suffering from herniated disc pain to become pain-free if this procedure is administered consistently within a set period. A study in the Journal of Clinical & Diagnostic Research cites that caudal epidural can be significant and effective for managing herniated disc pain for at least 60 days.

What are the side effects of caudal epidural for herniated disc pain?

As with any treatment, a caudal epidural may have its risks, or side effects, but they’re very minimal and low. The patient may experience the following:

  • Headache due to dural puncture
  • Hematoma if the patient is taking blood thinners 
  • Bleeding
  • Some pain and feelings of numbness

In most cases, these side effects may subside within a few hours. However, before getting the procedure, the patient and the doctor will discuss what could happen after the injection.


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