Our  Pain Clinic in Hernando County – Pain Management & Spine Care – is proud to serve patients with the best quality of service. Pain Doctor in Hernando County Dr. Alsabbagh has a lot of experience in treating pain of different kinds. Whatever the cause, we will be able to help you get rid of the pain and get back to your normal life.


There are many ways to treat pain. It all depends on the intensity and, of course, the reason why the pain occurs. Finding the cause is the most important part of treatment; only by knowing the cause can our Pain Doctor in Hernando County diagnose the patient as well as determine the proper course of treatment.


Here is a quick reminder about the services provided at our center:


Pain Management near Brooksville

Depending on your condition, we offer the following procedures:

1. Medial branch block lumbar, cervical and thoracic
2. Radiofrequency ablation
3. Spinal cord stimulator
4. Nerve block
5. Botox injection
6. Joint injections
7. Sympathetic chain block
8. Intercostal nerve block
9. Trigeminal nerve block
10. Occipital nerve block
11. Stellate ganglion block
12. Ultrasound guided procedures
13. Lumbar epidural
15. Transforaminal epidural
16. Caudal epidural
17. Cervical epidural
18. Peripheral nerve block
19. Neuropathy treatment

About Pain Management & Spine Care

Pain Management & Spine Care’s Medical Director, Dr. Eyad Alsabbagh,  is a fellowship-trained Interventional Pain Medicine physician, trained and educated to provide the highest quality of service to patients suffering from multiple conditions, including narcotics addiction and back pain. He utilizes state-of-the-art technology at his Pain Management Clinic in Brooksville. If you wish to find out more about treatments we provide, or schedule an appointment in our facility, have a look at our website or contact us today.