Workers compensation is a type of insurance used to cover employees if they experience an injury at the workplace or as a result of their job. Regulations regarding work compensation differ in every state, however in most cases it is obligatory for an employer to provide such insurance. And though we never expect to get injured at the workplace, it is important to get familiar with common incidents that may unfortunately occur.

Workers compensation doctors Brooksville have compiled the top 9 most common workers’ compensation injuries.

1) Overexertion

Overexertion is a condition when muscles are pulled rapidly and extensively or a joint is forced out its typical range of motion. It occurs often when a person is pulling, pushing, lifting or throwing objects, specifically without keeping safety norms. It is common for people working in the production, construction, or any jobs where physical labor is applied, however can happen almost at any place.

2) Slip, Trip and Falls

Surprisingly, slips, trips or falls in most cases happen because of a simple reason – wet floor. Often the victims are security workers, store clerks or groundskeepers. It is important for cleaning service workers to leave a warning sign on a freshly mopped floor, so that others would be more careful while walking. Other preventive treatment could be a safe non-slippery floor covering, such as a a carpet.

3) Falls from the height

Falls from low or average height can be surprisingly dangerous and definitely  more frequent. Consider falling from a ladder, a chair or stairs, which happens over all the workplaces.

Obviously, occupations such as roofers or construction workers carry higher risk of serious damage to their health – those falls are not as frequent though.

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4) Bodily Reaction

A bodily reaction injury may occur when one trips or slips. Though avoiding falling, a person may still have a twisted ankle or sprained muscle, workers compensation doctors Brooksville warn. This can happen to anybody, however those who spend most of the time in motion, such as nurses, policemen, or delivery men are of a greater risks.

5) Falling Objects

Retail, stock, and restaurant workers are the most frequent victims of incidents where objects fall from above and potentially strike them.

7) Highway Incident

One of the top causes of injury for truck drivers for example, are roadway incidents. This concerns also delivery people, police officers, sales representatives and others whose work requires frequent travelling.

8) Machinery Accidents

Machinery accidents can cause huge health damage if security measures are not followed. Factory or construction workers where equipment used is powerful and large, should undergo mandatory trainings and safety instructions prior to starting the job. Many states have this as a legal requirement because such accidents also cause significant medical cost ramifications.

9) Repetitive motion injury

If a worker conducts the same motion for a prolonged period of time he/she may experience wear and tear injuries, also known as repetitive stress injuries. Motions like using a computer mouse or a keyboard, swinging a hammer or scanning products, make your muscles and joints tired and weak first, and then inflamed – resulting in an injury. A static position such as sitting is also considered a repetitive motion, therefore back pain is top workplace injury in office workers, say work comp pain management doctors Brooksville.

One way to protect employees from wear and tear injuries is to provide them with an ergonomic workplace, i.e. such that will minimize the negative effect of repetitive action and help people remain comfortable while performing their duties.

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