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  1. Lynne Murphy

    I came to Dr Alsabbagh office 1 year ago. I was in so much pain. Had a hard time walking and standing. I have herniated discs. I had surgery on my neck to repair them , but I still have pain in my thoracic area. Dr Alsa bag suggestion injections into my back. I was a little scared, we talked about it and I scheduled an appointment for the next visit. The pain is gone. I am living my life again. The staff was so helpful and comforting. I love him he has helped me so much. Thank you . Thank you. Lynne

  2. Katherine Babcock

    I just wanted to say that this doctor has been treating my husband for several years now. I am very happy with how he has been treated. He takes his time to listen which is rare today. He has been a great help. Keep up the great work!

  3. Richard Babcock

    I have been a patient for several years now. I wanted to let it be known that the doctor is wonderful he spends time wanting to know how I am. If the medicine is working or not for me. He is not one to push medication. He treats the whole you. Without this doctor and staff I would not be able to get around. Thank you!

  4. melissa

    Dr. Al and his staff are the best! they always return my calls and get me in right away if its an emergency. Dr. Al is very caring and compassionate towards his patients.

  5. susan Carpenter

    Before I went to Pain Management & Spine Care Center I was living in pain on a daily basses which took away from my quality of life. Now that I have Pain Management I am able to cope with the pain . Dr Alsabbagh has significantly helped me deal with pain through medications and Nerve Blocks. Thank you Dr.Alsabbagh for giving me my life back .

  6. Anthony madigan

    Thanks to Dr eyad ingecion on my back I feel so much better and all the staff are nice people and they do the best to help you before you see the Dr thank you all and have a Happy New year

  7. Marcus powers

    Over the years i have always been pleased when it came to my pain care management Dr. He is the best, and always has a funny way of easing the pressure of being on a table for treatment. His professional caracter, dedication, and experience is why i continue to be a patient under his professional advice and service. If you are patient dont give up if you wait, or get aggrivated thinking that pain management is a waste. Give him your time and he will make you better. Good things come to those who are patient…

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